Well… Here we go!

I’ve now been dancing for about a month. I decided to start this blog finally because at my last class, my teacher was all “Oh hey! I have a GREAT idea! You guys can dance at the performance!” Two factions of my brain immediately engaged in combat. The part of my brain that loves the arts went “YAY!!! Finally!!” and the dominant crazy part of my brain went, “What a horrible fucking idea!” By the way, I have bipolar disorder, mood disorder, depression, and anxiety. Anxiety is one of the worst, as something that makes me too anxious can trigger an episode of bipolarism… And it sucks. Anyway. So, I got stuff for the performance if I need it…. But then, my dear friend whom I will just call X has been SO KIND as to tell everyone that I will ALSO dance at the feis. (If you’re new to this, a feis is an Irish dance competition) So now I’m just waiting for my dance teacher to be all “You’re doing these dances at the feis.” Fuck. What did I get myself into? And X is SO helpful! =P


5 thoughts on “Well… Here we go!

  1. X is a wonderful person who makes your life more complete. Plus, you really want to compete. You know you do, X is just making sure you decide to do so before it is too late to sign up without enormous fees! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Of course she makes my life more complete. I talk to her more than my “best friends.” I’m just soooo apprehensive. Because body image issues which is why I’m dancing. Catch 22. Also if X insists on being Lady X I must call her Nefertiti then. There’s an Egyptologist that thinks that the younger woman in tomb KV35 in the Valley of the Kings is Nefertiti but she is referred to as Lady X because there is no definitive proof that she is Nefertiti. The Younger Woman is in fact the sister of the young boy who is Akhenaten’s brother. *nerd*

  2. You are amazing. I wish I had half as much balls as you. I can’t even bring myself to sign up for a class. So – You are already a head of the game! You will be wonderful! I must see the pictures of you in your outfit ๐Ÿ˜€

    • It took a crazy amount of courage to just go to class and I’m usually high on Xanax at class.

      My outfit is pretty damn tame. It’s a black dress made of jersey knit that I got from Old Navy. I’m making a kind of shrug thing so that I have sleeves and a bit of style to it out of a stretch velvet.

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