Pain made me whiny

So sorry I got all whiny the other day. I was in lots of pain. My ankle is sore now. Sore shins. I’m going to rattle on a little about things. I’ve researched Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Why? Apparently my sister had it. It may explain things going on with me from weak muscles to fatigue to bipolar disorder to anxiety. Yeah it’s extensive!!! Anyway it’s a little terrifying. If I do in fact have this too, I think it may be the drive I need. Because my body is being terrifying I can brave a stage and an audience of people. That’s not as terrifying as having an organ that’s trying to kill you. Also I HAVE CALLED MY DOCTOR! I HAVE AN APPOINTMENT TUESDAY! Anyway last night I had a terrifying pre-feis dream. Like I was visiting my in laws for the weekend then realized oh God I didn’t dance at the feis!!! Seriously. I hate my brain.


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