Tights: The Saga

I found out that Torrid doesn’t sell tights that fit me. They’re either too small or fit in a really funky way. So I went on a search for tights. I struck out at Lane Bryant, Stein Mart, and Dillard’s. What the actual fuck people. Why can’t fat people find tights? Is it one of those articles of clothing that fat people aren’t allowed to wear? But on that note, why the fuck are there spandex type pants, that fit skin tight, yet people fucking bitch when fat people wear them? I have a complex y’all. I wear compression pants under regular loose workout/yoga pants. Yes, that’s right. Two pairs of pants. I also wear two shirts. And two bras. Seriously. This is majorly fucked up. I’m just really rather irritated with the whole thing. Maybe I’ll hit up Sears or something tomorrow but for now? I’m just angry at the world and people fucking suck and I hate people. 


On an unrelated note, I had a nice cordial conversation with my sister’s husband. That was really nice. Maybe we’re getting somewhere. ;_; 


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