Post-feis report

It went better than expected for me. I got first. Duh. I’m already tired of competing and being the only one. Anyway at the ceili I was just watching everyone and I realized how happy I am with these people. The kids are so awesome. Really. The parents are so amazing. The teachers are amazing!! I haven’t been quite so stress free in a while. Years actually. In less than two years I’ve met people I wouldn’t hesitate to call if my car battery died or something. Know how long it took me in my other hobby to find people like that outside of my hometown? Years! Many! I wish I’d done this sooner but then we wouldn’t be where we are now. I want to be all gooshy and show my appreciation of this school’s mere existence but I don’t know how to do it with words or booze or anything without sounding weird and creepy. I’m so thankful. ;_;

I enjoyed being where I was at the feis as far as my job was concerned. Fucking loved it! Hard work but rewarding. However I do feel bad. My body just wouldn’t let me continue and be more help.

In any case… OMG! Awesome!


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