Sort of off topic (OT)

The wonderful woman who writes Dances With Fat ( wrote this blog post. It makes me feel better especially since my dismal trip to the endocrinologist. I didn’t blog about it. It makes me entirely too angry. No one needs to read that. It’s better to read someone getting mad about people stealing their pictures and removing the watermark on them. (I’m looking at you, Bloggess) Anyway! I feel that her ideas have some merit. I come from a family where most everyone is large, except for those select few willing to practically starve themselves into oblivion. I’ve been on an eating plan, and tracking what I eat. I eat less than 2,000 calories and exercise at least a little bit everyday. I’ve been trying to swim since it’s a really good work out even just doing leisure swimming. We’ll see how it goes. I’m not convinced. I’m convinced that there’s something screwed up in my body chemistry. At least here I have a voice, unlike the fucking doctor’s office.  


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