Ten Rules For Fat People

Ten Rules For Fat People

I enjoyed reading this article. It’s the second place I’ve seen the affirmation that weight loss works only 5% of the time. I enjoy this concept. I mean. I don’t want to say that it’s cop out but it makes me feel better that any weight loss I’ve done hasn’t worked. It’s not going to make me stop dancing, or walking or anything like that. In fact, I discovered walking trails around my apartment the other day, and it’s actually quite beautiful back there. I can’t wait for the fall. I might go walk everyday. Not to mention when my kiddo starts school, I’ll be walking to go pick him up everyday.

Dance should be starting up again soon and I can’t freaking WAIT. Seriously. I really miss it.


I’m in love with this article

I’m in love with this article

Not only is this spot on to how I feel ALL the time, but it also is about dance which is super cool. Granted it’s about Irish dancing but whatever. The only thing it doesn’t really address is how you feel in front of people that you know for a fact are better than you. I had to make people endure watching me three times… I mean. Eh! Each time there was SOMEONE in the audience that could dance better than me. In any case, I feel a bit less apprehensive about new people in class. There was one girl that came that was awesome and heavy set and she made me feel a million times better. She came all of one time. D= I love dancing. I hate the mind games that come with it. And by that I mean the games that my mind plays on me, or rather itself… Not mind games someone in dance puts me through. I’m not trying to say awful things about anyone, okay?! Don’t take my words out of context.