Back to school!!!

Tonight was the first night back at dance class. I finally invested in a pair of dance sneakers and I loooove them! I owe my dance teacher more than just a Bloody Mary now. I need to get my prescription filled for my memory pillzzz. Yeah my brain just sucks that much. In any case it was a great night for me mostly because I didn’t limp out of there but my stamina has slacked off so I was breathing heavy and couldn’t remember steps. I came home and was happy! It was implied there’d be hard shoe going on soon. =D I’m going to kill myself doing this but I can’t think of a better way to die.

Also on the health front we have pinpointed my weight problem. Turns out dear old mumsie passed me her insulin resistant system along with a degenerative back disorder. Yay. I have work ahead of me.


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