Ever plateaued on something? I have recently. It didn’t take long. Ugh. This is going to be a little whiny. Maybe I’ll try to wax inspirational or something. Living with mental disorders is difficult. Hell, living with one mental disorder is difficult, let alone four like I have. Top it off with some lovely thyroid and pancreas issues and we have a really big… hot mess. Not to mention my mom said I probably inherited her degenerative back disorder. She also was diagnosed with RA and Lupus. I am sad. I love my momma. Even though she drives me crazy in all the ways mommas drive their children crazy. Mom, if you’re reading this, don’t flip out, please. Otherwise I will make my teenage years look like a Caribbean cruise just to be spiteful. 

Actually, dear reader, if anyone is actually reading this, check out She’s amazing. She helps me alot. I still suffer from some body image issues but I’m getting better. For example, I forgot my overshirt for dance the other night, and didn’t realize it until I was halfway through class. I also didn’t lose my damn mind. These are all good things. 

Some positives I’ve noticed within the dance community: People are mostly supportive of whatever you do. I’ve had many supporters so far and it’s great. I haven’t had anyone get nasty with me about my body and my choice of dance style. I think this is awesome. I know those people are out there, but I feel confident that I have some people that will fucking roll them if they say anything nasty. I really love my dance community, even if some people scare the shit out of me. 



I’m tired lately… Maybe that means I should dance more? Who knows. Anyway, the week after the fucking week from hell was alot better. The steps are still eluding me and there’s a feis in, oh hm a month. Yay. I might have to skip it. =P Also, I want a wig. I had a dream someone was giving me a wig and I’ve been under that impression ever since. >.> I’m not sure there was a point to this post.