It’s been a while, sweeties.

I met a couple of celebrities at a convention this past weekend. I thought meeting Stephen Amell would be magical. It wasn’t nearly as magical as meeting Tony Curran who played Vincent in Vincent and the Doctor. I have to say something about that for just a moment. That episode of Doctor Who rocked my world in a way I never thought possible. It opened up to me that this shit has been going on for alot longer than I thought. It showed me that someone could actually portray how I was feeling, much in the same way that Karl Urban visually, audibly portrayed the tragic loss of a sibling in the Extended Edition Return of the King when Eomer finds Eowyn on the battle field. She DID survive but that initial thought and idea… Someday, maybe, he’ll get to read this and know how much that scene has helped my grieving process with my own sister’s death. Otherwise, I have to pay $55 to talk to him. *sigh* Anyway, Mr. Curran’s work has had such a profound effect on me, JUST in that ONE show alone. I cheer for him in Defiance. He’s supposed to be not a good guy… but I still cheer for him. I cheered for Khan you guys! Anyway, I walked up and apologized for being broke so I couldn’t even get a lean in shot with him… But I needed to tell him how much his work meant to me. And he understood! And said so many people don’t understand mental illnesses and we got interrupted by someone paying for my lean in shot!!! And if I hadn’t already been high on Xanax, I would have cried about it. I’m crying about it now!!! I was so happy. Then I posted it to twitter and tagged him. and he retweeted it!! Oh my gosh! He made my day. My month. My YEAR! And in the picture you can’t tell where his hair ends and mine begins. Ginger Power hour indeed.

Update: Earlier today, he tweeted to me: “hey Chelsea lovely to meet you and am very happy your feeling better, stay strong sister, you got this.” I had just woken up from a weird dream about my sister and various other things. I started crying when I read it.


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