Warning Label

I started this page after I had been dancing for about a month. I hope it offers inspiration to anyone who wants to start dancing. Also, as this will be an outlet for my insane thoughts, please understand that my brain comes up with things that aren’t true 99% of the time. Therefore, my dance school, my dance teachers, and my fellow students will always be wonderful, awesome, and amazing. So when I say “Clearly ____ hates me” it’s probably not true. This is your warning label.


2 thoughts on “Warning Label

  1. I’ve done Turkish bellydancing and Tribal Fusion bellydancing, but need to get back into it. I’ve always wanted to learn Irish dancing though. I tried to take a Scottish dance class in high school, but it got cut.

    • I’ve done like…. informal middle Eastern dancing. I couldn’t tell you what move I’m doing with my hips, but I’m moving my hips and making some girls insanely jealous of me…. Anyway, I’ve always wanted to do Irish dancing ever since I saw the very first commercial advertising Riverdance. It wasn’t available in my town, and it probably wouldn’t have mattered if it was or not because I wasn’t allowed to do any arts outside of school. I always wanted to dance period, and was never allowed to. D= I might not be this huge if my family had just let me go out for dance… and NO I hate sports.

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